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Bollywood Veggies Activities and Farm Tours
Bollywood Veggies Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us.
Note: Activities and Guided tours must be booked in advance.

Learn, enrich yourselves, and bond with your nearest and dearest.  In addition to dining at the Poison Ivy Bistro and cooking classes at the Bollywood Bhanchha-our Warriors’ Kitchen (check out our Culinary Programmes!)-- we also offer numerous tours and activities at Bollywood Veggies.  Take a look at our options and find some new ways to learn about the farm, the countryside, and connect with our natural world:

Guided Farm Tour

The Bollywood farm tour is led by experienced guides who will share some interesting facts about plants we have in Bollywood Veggies and their uses. Visitors will be given the opportunity to touch, smell and taste some of the vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, and medicinal plants. The guide will also introduce methods of sustainable and planet friendly farming. This farm tour is suitable for both adults and/or children, and is best experienced with the potting class. On request, we can accommodate tours on specific themes like herbs and spices, vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants.

Potting Session
It’s possible to grow plants even in apartments and flats! Pots are a great way to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables, and Bollywood Veggies offers a short, fuss-free educational potting session for adults and children. Our facilitators will take participants through the simple steps on how to pot a herb (lemongrass or dill, for example), how to care for it and participants can take the herb home!

Discovery Harvest
The Discovery Harvest is a treasure hunt where team will be given a list of plants to harvest. This harvesting portion of the activity is limited to 30 minutes, and all teams must return to the game master within 30 minutes. This activity will require teamwork, speed and strategy.

Scarecrow Building / Challenge
The Scarecrow Building is an interactive, fun and creative activity. Our guide will tell a story about our friendly Bollywood Scarecrow, and in small groups (5-10 persons), you will learn how to build a unique scarecrow from the vast collection of natural materials provided.

Art with Nature
A hands-on activity where participants learn to make use of recycled materials, such as seeds, dried leaves, branches and more, all gathered from the farm to form a piece of beautiful artwork. This activity aims to educate participants on the importance of 3Rs (recycling, reducing and reusing), as well as to instill creativity.

Plant the Paddy
A hands-on activity where participants will be equipped with the knowledge of rice farming. Our guide will explain the uses of this important staple food, and participants will have the chance to get their hands dirty by learning to plant the paddy. A fun-filled educational activity especially suitable for students.

Farm Fishing - Catch and Release
Catch and release fishing is an increasingly popular practice among many anglers. It is quite common for anglers with a strong conservation commitment to release their fish, and you urban creatures can do the same at Bollywood Veggies! We use barbless hooks or hooks with reduced barbs to make hook removal easier and to minimize hook damage. This way, we can experience the thrill of fishing without really hurting the fish. The ponds on the farm will surprise the most experience anglers with the variety fish we have. Participants will be given only the line and special hooks, and they have to then improvise everything else from the rod to the bait – with a bit of explanation and creativity, you could catch more than you think!

Bollywood Kampung Race (Times will vary)
The Bollywood Kampung Race is a super-fun and exciting team-building activity that incorporates the Bollywood experience into an Amazing Race-style competition. Race stations will include activities such as a discovery harvest (treasure hunt) and a scarecrow-making challenge. Teams test their knowledge gained during the farm tour and perform surprise road blocks and detours. Enjoy dare-devil and yester-year activities out here in the Kranji countryside with Bollywood Veggies’ signature team-building activity. Available in full and half day versions.

Medicine Woman Talk

This talk includes a treat of all the senses of taste, smell and touch, a walk through Bollywood Nature Pharmacy and a class session that shows you how ancient traditional medicine can heal you. Malay and Javanese plant remedies – including JAMU and others – will be covered. Nazli Anwari (of very mixed heritage – herself of Indian, Malay, Chinese and European descent) will bring back will show you the secrets to the art of ancient JAMU tonics that will strengthen, beautify and refresh you.

Culinary Challenge
The culinary challenge is a team exercise that will foster greater understanding and cooperation among team members. Each team will be assigned a type of cuisine to prepare. The exercise will take the groups through the process of searching for the right ingredients in the farm garden and assigning the tasks of preparing and cooking.

Culinary Class (3 hours)
The goal of this hands-on exercise is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare a simple yet delicious meal in a limited amount of time. The cooking class is conducted by an experienced chef and includes a free flow of home brewed Fig Tee and Ice water. We have a range of themes for our culinary classes, such as healthy cooking, Peranakan cooking and fusion cooking, and we will try to accommodate any customised themes you may have in mind. Participants will be able to taste a bit all the dishes prepared.

Not Birds, Just Bees Talk
This extremely interesting and new talk by bee expert Carl Baptista will surprise almost everyone who thinks they know about Bees and Honey! After listening to Carl, everyone will see honey and bees in a fantastic new light. This is not a static sit down session, but an active and fascinating walk about around the farm to see the bees at their best in their hives (no worries, we only breed ones that do not sting). Depending on the timing, you may also get a taste of honey at it's purest form. We’re working on jarring it to sell it at the price of gold – it’s worth more than that!

WE8 - Honey Appreciation
Participants will go through a blind taste test of 8 different honeys harvested within Singapore’s gorgeous countryside. In between the honeys, snacks to cleanse the palette and dazzle the taste buds will be provided. Try honeys from 3 different Asian bee species, including the rare and prized Trigona bees, all from different crops, plantations and forests. Learn how honey is processed from Honey Comb to bottle for all the different species of bees! A great session for the sweet tooth!